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Тарасова Гора

"Тарасова Гора - 2018"

TG fest programm english version

29 мая 2014

We are happy to invite all motorcyclists and their friends to the motorcycle festival Tarasova Gora 2014!!

As usually every first weekend in June we are going to welcome you. This time we are back at our old place, camp Pridneprovskaya, that is situated in
Cherkasy region, village Chapaevka.

This year Motorcycle Festival is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the great kobzar Taras Shevchenko, so on 7th of June we are going to honour him at our usual spot.
We welcome all Ukrainian attributes - flags, clothing, forelocks and mustache as
Taras had :)

Dear friends, we want to remind you that our gathering is apolitical and we are looking forward to welcome every our guest. But we also want to warn all representatives of the organizations and motorcycle clubs , whose activities are directed against the unity of our country , or that could lead to ethnic strife, in that case the entry is closed for such guests .

For all motorcycles from neighboring countries to inform:

Roads are open, shops , gas stations , banks, cafes - work in Ukraine. No one is gong to infringe upon Russian speaking guest interests. No language boards. Police officers are loyal to motorcyclists. If you are experiencing the congestion at the border - send name and number of guests, the name of border control post, where you will pass and mail to us at : taraskaorg@ukr.net and we add you to the guest list.

Ministry of Youth and Sports in Ukraine supports our festival and helps to pass over the border for motorcyclists that are heading to the motor festival "Tarasova Gora 2014". Border guards and customs officers will have the guest lists.

Welcome :)

Festival program

Registration opens on June 5th at 10:00.
Registration closes on June 8
th at 18:00.

Thursday, June 5

  • 10:00

    • Doors open
    • Registration
    • Placement
    • Activities
    • Fun

  • 19:00
    • Delicious meal from the founder of the festival
    • music and fun from «TOPORKESTRA» band
    • DJ -sets


Friday, June 6

  • Registration
  • Placement
  • Activities from sponsors at the beach :
    • 14:00 – competitions at the beach
    • 15:00 - power contests with Vasily Virastuk
    • 16:00 - Championship of beach football
    • 18:00 - concert at the big stage on the beach

line up :

  • "The Butterfly Effect " (Cherkasy)
  • «POMSTA» ( Kiev)
  • «Square Universe» ( Kiev)
  • " Boombox "
  • Dj Nikitarista

Saturday, June 7

  • Registration
  • Placement
  • 11:30 – starting to make the motorcade outside the camp
    • Special treats from energy drink "Burn".
  • 12:00 – Departure to Kaniv in organized motorcade
  • 14:00 – Visiting Taras with chindren from local children’s home
  • 15:00 - Departure from Kaniv back to the camp.
  • 17:00 - Custom Show
  • 18:00 - concert at the big stage at the beach

Line up

  •  «The Sandstones» ( Kiev)
  • «SABO» ( Ukraine - Estonia)
  • "Shar Ayrag " (Mongolia) (a gift from MC "Sarmatians")
  • " MED Heads " (Kiev)
  • solemn hymn of the festival, fireworks !
  • Dj U-RA

Sunday, June 8 (bonus day)

  • Activities at the camp.
  • possibility to visit Cherkasy city
  • regale with fish soup
  • concert at the small stage
  • Karaoke
  • Jam session
  • DJ sets

Monday, June 9

  • 12:00 Doors