Єдина Країна! Единая Страна!

Тарасова Гора


21 мая 2017

"15 years together!" - under such motto the 2017 moto year from TG-family and bike-week "Tarasova Gora" passes on!

Many things have been changing during 15 years: the place, the music, the duration, the program and the subjects in general! But each time the TG-family team tries to make the festival more vivid, interesting and ambitious while leaving it as an emotional meeting place for friends, like all 15 years before!

Preparation for the anniversary festival is in full swing, avoiding all the undesirable circumstances and obstacles. Hearing your wishes, improving the organization of the event as a whole and proceeding from the possibilities of a new place, we invite you to the really bombing, motorcycle & music festival "Tarasova Gora - 2017"!

"Continent of drive" and "Meditation Island". Two different worlds. Two scenes. An uncountable number of interesting locations and new unexpected activities. In addition to the bombing concert program and the traditional passage of a huge motorcade towards Taras in Kanev, you are welcome: anexhibition and races on retro motorcycles, sports competitions, charity auctions, driving school and stuntrading, custom shows, a variety of master classes, dancing and yoga, hand-made fair, fire show, capoeira, hang-dram meditation and much more. As always, musical and visual diversity, treat from the organizers and sponsors of the festival, gifts and lottery, competitions. In particular, the competition for the best OM costume and "Miss Tarasova Gora", also in the OM style.

Of course, there will be parking places for motorcycles at the festival (parking for cars is also there, but do not forget that this is a motofestival), a tent city, about 10 different catering outlets, a dining room, 7 bars! First-aid post and ambulance, radio room, luggage room, playground, moto-service, TG-shop, moto-shops, "barber shop", tattoo parlor, massage parlor and so on. "Odessa Cinema" locating will be available all days of the festival. Movies show, lounge zone, bar, hookah.

Attention! Movement of vehicles (motorcycles) on the bridge is prohibited for technical reasons and for the safety of the festival guests. Thank you for understanding.

We look forward to seeing guests from all over Ukraine, from the near and far abroad - Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Norway, USA, Spain, Armenia, as well as India - we'll be glad to see all those who loves Ukraine and respectful towards two- wheeled brothers!

Stay cost at the festival:

For men 400 UAH.

For girls 200 UAH.

Girls driving a motorcycle - as always, for free!

Children under 14 years - free of charge (if there is a document confirming the child's age)

ATO participants in the east of the country - free of charge (if there is an identity card).

Each participant of the festival receives: a bracelet to stay throughout the festival, stickers, a poster, a

booklet with a program and a lottery ticket, souvenirs from sponsors and a treat from the organizers

(time and place indicated in the program), a tent and firewood place, secure parking, free showers and


Program of the event


10.00 - the beginning of arrival to the base and accommodation of festival participants in the rooms, on

the shore and on the territory of pitched "tent camps" .

15.00 - gathering in the bar "La Taraska", acquaintance and a welcome treat "Kasha from Asha" (location

"Embankment of Drive").

18.00 - DJ Dimas / Kiev, Lounge, Chill ("Meditation Island" location).

19.00 - Official festival opening! Together we sing the festival anthem and spend its consecration

(location "OM").

20.00 - Fail System Group/ Cherkasy (location "OM").

Drum Jam + DJ Dimas / Kiev (location "OM").

23.00-1.00 DJ Nazar-I & DJ Ben, chilldub / regge-dub (Cherkasy) (location "OM").

00.00 and till the morning - bonfire and songs under the guitar (location "Holovna Vatra").


Meeting and continuing guests' resettlement. Free time. Activities from partners.

18.00- DJ Dimas / Kiev old school rock'n'roll (location "OM").

19.00 - "Elvis approves" group (location "OM").

21.00 - DJ Viviene / Cherkasy old school d'n'b / jangle (location "OM").

23.00 - DJ Demerro & DJ Ben (Cherkasy) (location "OM").

00.00 and till the morning - bonfire and songs under the guitar (location "Holovna Vatra").


Meeting and continuing guests' resettlement. Free time. Activities from partners.

10:00 - Morning exercise (location "OM").

16.00 - Lecture on pre-medical care in emergency situations - part 1. (location "OM").

18.00 - DJ Dimas / Kiev, Rasta reggae (location "OM").

19.00 - DJ Demerro (Cherkasy) (location "OM").

“Hakuna Matata” group / Cherkasy (location" OM ").


22.00 - DJ Mel / Cherkasy Ethno / Downtempo (location "OM").

00.00-2.00 - DJ Dimas / Kiev, psychill / dub (location "OM").

00.00 and till the morning - bonfire and songs under the guitar (location "Holovna Vatra").


10:00 - Morning exercise (location "OM").

12.00 - Sati Mata, Theory and Practice of the Himalayan Yoga (location "OM").

Location "MS" (Main Stage)   Location "IM" (Island of Meditation)

18.00 - Opening of the main festival stage! 14.00 - DJ Sunkid (Cherkasy), Reggae / Dub

Anthem, contests, quest.

18:30 - "No limits" group 16.00 - DJ Edvard (Kyiv), Rasta reggae

19:45 - "Big gun" group 18.00 - DJ Demerro (Cherkasy), regge-dub

21:00 – “Yagich” group 20.00 - DJ Edvard (Kyiv), Dub / deep

22:30 - "SUPERBULLS" group (Belarus) 22.00 - Dj Nazar (Cherkassy), trap / tverk /


24:00 - the movie "Dustards" watching 24.00-2.00 - Dj Ben, (Cherkasy), trap /


14.00 - Masterclass from TGM "Koza chka" in home cheese production (location "HB").

17.00 - "Kasha from Asha" treats (location "HB").

00.00 and till the morning - bonfire and songs under the guitar (location "Holovna Vatra").


10:00 - Morning exercise (location "OM").

12.00 - Lecture on pre-medical care in emergency situations - part 2. (location "OM").

13.00 - Masterclass on capoeira as a martial art of dance (location "OM").

Location "MS" (Main Stage)   Location "IM" (Island of Meditation)

18.00 - the beginning of the evening concert- 14.00 - DJ Edvard (Kyiv

entertainment program, competitions

18:30 - "Pochep beat" group 15.00 - Drum-circle, the master class

19:45 - "Detach"group 16.00 - 17.00 - Masterclass on dance-motor

therapy in African rhythm.

21:00 - "OtVinta" group DJ Nazar (Cherkasy), ethno

DJ Edvard (Kyiv)

DJ Dvoinoi, (Cherkasy) trance


22:30 - "BB" group 24.00-2.00 - Dj Dimas (Kyiv), trance

00.00-2.00 - Shaman and DJ Bear

15.00 - Sports competitions with Vasil Virastyuk (location "MS").

15-30 - "Lula from Vasil" (Location "OM").

17.00 - Custom show for TG prize (location "MS").

17.00 - 18.00 Holi Fest, Mantra OM Singing (location "OM").

00.00 and till the morning - bonfire and songs under the guitar (location "Holovna Vatra").

Saturday June 3

9.30 - Rally on retro bikes for the Tarasova Gora Cup (location "Track").

10:00 - morning charge (location "OM").

11-00 - Column formation.

12.00 - column departure to Tarasova Gora in Kaniv.

Stuntraiders performance (location "Tarasova Gora").

Flash mob "Flag of Ukraine” (location" Tarasova Gora ").

Location "MS" (Main Stage)   Location "IM" (Island of Meditation)

19.00 - beginning of the evening concert- 17.00-17.30 - Hang-dram meditation

entertainment program, competitions

19:30 - "Veremiy" group DJ Dimas (Kiev), Ethno / Downtempo

DJ Asante sana, lounge / deep, author's project

DJ Dvoinoy (Cherkassy) Psy chill

DJ Dimas (Kiev), Chill / dub / prog

20:45 - " ШАNA" group 2.00-4.00 DJ Psykotik (Kiev) psychill / psydub

22:00 - "Riders" group (Poland)

Final contest “Miss Tarasova Gora"


23:30 - "Kozak System" group, Katya Chilly

1.00- 2.00 - DJ Nazar (Cherkasy), Rock-mix

17.00 - "Balabeniky from Genik" treats (location "Bar LaTaraska").

17.30 - Press conference (location "MS").

00.00 and till the morning - bonfire and songs under the guitar (location "Holovna Vatra").


12.00 - Column departure to the museum of T.G. Shevchenko in Cherkasy

16.00 - "Tanyushka's Ukha" treats (location "Bar LaTaraska").

18.00 - Contests, lottery (location "HV").

19:00 - "My sweet satellite" group (location "OM").

20:30 - "Saint-Tropez" group (location "OM").

22:00 - "Gulyay gorod" group (location "OM").

General Jam session of bikers and musicians.

Dancing, lounge party and DJ set "till you drop".

Address: Ukraine, Cherkasy region, S. Svydivok, sanatorium "Rassvet".

GPS: 49.534042, 31.905251

Standalone map